The Splatoon Planner and Stationery Project is a collaborative fan-made planner inspired by the Splatoon universe. Our planner is a weekly planner which includes full illustrations, weekly spreads, monthly calendar grids and more.This project is brought to you by a team of 5 moderators and 35 artists. We created a hardcover planner along with stationery merchandise to satisfy all your journaling needs. Each month covers a different theme featuring characters, scenery, events, and many more aspects around Splatoon 1, 2, and 3.

Planner Specs

  • A5 vertical

  • Hardcover with rounded corners

  • Elastic band with a ribbon bookmark

  • 160+ pages in full color

  • Featuring illustrations, 52-week spreads, and 12 calendar grids


Our schedule is subject to change. Follow our social media for the latest updates.

Interest checkEarly Feb
Mod applicationsEarly Feb
Artist apps openLate Feb
Result emails sentMid-March
Concept checkLate March
Check-in 1April
Check-in 2May
Check-in 3June
FinalsLate June



Host | Graphics | Finance | ShippingHey it’s finally happening! I have had the Splatoon Planner project on my bucket list since 2020 and now it’s time to bring this project to reality. My love for journaling, stationery and Splatoon inspired me to lead this project and I can’t wait to start creating!

Recent Experience

  • Yumtendo: Layout

  • Tales of Hyrule: Finance, Shipping

  • Sports Anime Planner: Graphics

  • Octo Canyon: Co-host, Graphic Design, Finance, Shipping

  • Struck by Lightning: Shipping


Social Media | OrganizationIt's here! I've been looking forward to this project ever since it was first mentioned, hence why I am even more excited to be onboard as a helping hand.

Recent Experience

  • Yumtendo: Intern

  • Tales of Hyrule: Merch Artist

  • Octo Canyon: Host, Social Media, Organization


Promo ArtHi I’m AL o/ ! I grew up in printing and merch shops, so I have quite an affinity for collecting and making custom stationary. Splatoon has been living in my brain for years so I’m excited for this crossover of my interests.

Recent Experience

  • IKADAKIMASU: Graphic Design, Promo, Finance, Merch, Shipping

  • Flowers for Five Years:Art, Organization

  • Golden Future: Finance, Merch

  • Farewell Inkopolis: Zine Host


Promo ArtHeyo I'm Audrey!! Ive been illustrating for many splatoon zines as a contributor and I look forward to giving my part as a promo mod for the first time! Super honored to be a part of this project with you all!

Recent Experience

  • IKADAKIMASU: Merch Artist

  • Octo Canyon: Cover Artist

  • Nomtendo!: Page Artist

  • Cafe x Crossing: Page Artist

  • Spectrum: Page Artist


InternHihi, I'm starbiit!!!! When I'm not making art or competing in tournaments, you can find me journaling and talking all about stationery. I'm very excited to learn on this project and share the wonderful world of stationary/planning with you all through our favorite game: Splatoon!!

Recent Experience

  • Yumtendo: Merch artist

  • City of Color: Page Artist

  • Shaped Like a Friend: Page Artist

  • Le Beau Monde: Page Artist

  • Rave in the Wave: Promo, Discord, Page Artist

Frequently Asked Questions

> Will the planner be digital or physical?
The planner will be physical but we may offer digital merch such as printable weekly spreads, calendar grids, etc.
> How many artists are you accepting?
We are looking for 1-2 mods and around 35 artists to join our project.
> Is this project for-profit or charity?
This project is for-profit and funds will be split between the mods and contributors.
> What are the planner specs?
The planner will be hardcover, A5 size with rounded corners. There will be around 160+ pages in full color featuring illustrations, 52-week spreads, and 12 calendar grids. The planner will either be dated (for 2023 use) or undated (use whatever year you’d like) depending on interest check.
> What merch will there be?
The merch we plan to make are stickers, charms, notepads, stamps, washi tape, bookmarks, a pencil case, etc. However, this is subject to change once interest check results come in.
> How will topics be determined?
Each month will revolve around a topic like salmon run, splatfest, inkopolis, the shops, battle modes, etc. Artists will be asked to submit a topic for approval before sketching out their illustrations.
> How do I format my art for the planner?
Templates will be provided for each role and a guide explaining how to draw for the planner will be available inside our Discord server. Spot illustrators will be given a weekly calendar template and will be drawing chibis throughout the template.
> How will contributors be compensated?
The funds for this project will initially be used to cover production costs and then to compensate contributors with a copy of the planner and merch. The remaining funds will then be split between the contributors and mods. A more detailed breakdown can be found below in the compensation section.

Compensation Guidelines

This project is for profit. The funds will be divided into shares at the end of the project. Each job is worth one share and if someone takes up multiple jobs, they will obtain multiple shares.As funds allow, contributors will be compensated with a planner, all the merch, and the leftover profit. If a contributor does not want a planner nor merch, they may opt out of either or and receive the production cost added to their profit. However, the contributor may not opt out of certain merch items and can only opt out of the whole merch bundle.Artists are allowed to buy copies of the planner to sell. However, the selling cost of the planner must not exceed the cost of what the planner was initially sold for in the official store. (For example, if the planner is sold for $30, artists may not sell their planners for more than $30). Artists may buy copies of the planner at production cost but are limited to no more than 15. Extra shipping fees may incur if buying multiple planners.


Our leftover sale will be open from November 27th through December 16th (or until supplies last). Our planner is undated which means you can use it any year. There are 160+ pages featuring illustrations, 52-week spreads, and 12 blank calendar grids. This is your last chance to grab these items so come visit out shop!